iCargo SaaS Application

Transform raw data into meaningful information

iCargo is a secured SaaS application that provides historical data of container locations and sensor status as well as refrigerated containers conditions enabling value adding analysis and integration of container and system data – whenever and wherever desired.

Cargokeeper devices collect data about location and sensor status and reports these to the iCargo application. The solution provides key operational functions such as geofencing, alert management, remote configuration and diagnostics of the reefer microcontroller to give users full control.

Accessible across multiple platforms using a web-browser by PC, Smartphone or tablet the iCargo application processes the information collected into user-friendly and easy to understand reports, maps and graphs or into customizable reports to provide users the information they need to make better decisions.
The iCargo platform has been created to be easily scalable, robust and open so as to integrate with other third-party software such as ERP applications and legacy systems


  • Over-The-Air programmable
  • Status requests
  • Alarm monitoring rules
  • Geo-fencing zones
  • Reefer operational status and remote configuration
  • Event email/SMS notifications
  • Customizable reports

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