About us

Tektrap provides innovative technologies of real time monitoring and tracking solutions for the global shipping industry.

Based in Gatineau, Quebec and in Florida, USA TekTrap is driven by a group of experienced engineers and tech savvy professionals which have completed 6 years of R&D and design to unveil its new line of advanced wireless monitoring and tracking solutions - CargoKeeper.

The concept and component technologies have grown from an initial research relationship with Transport Canada (TC) and other Canadian federal agencies concerned with security in the transport industry such as the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) to a complete line of wireless solutions and products that are reliable, cost effective and easy to install & operate.


Tektrap aims to be a world leader of monitoring and tracking solutions and provide an affordable, reliable, and robust product to enhance cargo integrity and logistics management for the global shipping industry.


Tektrap envisions a world where every shipping container has a tracking and monitoring device.

Core Values

Tektrap’s core values are efficiency and innovation. The company will help address tracking, and security needs of clients by conducting business ethically and providing excellent customer service. Tektrap wants to be known as a reliable “go-to” partner to address clients’ logistical needs. Furthermore, the company will promote transparency by taking appropriate measures to keep clients’ data safe.

Green Footprint

Tracking devices offer an unmatched opportunity to boost efficiency across the shipping industry. Liner shipping offers better energy efficiency than any other type of international transportation.

Our machine-to-machine technology will improve shipping logistics. Reducing delays in shipments through tracking technology results in less CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Further, tracking technology allows better logistics and container management—this effectively reduces the number of idle and empty containers. It is estimated that 60% of containers worldwide stand idle and empty at any given moment, whether at port or at sea.

Environmental Benefits of Containerization

One large container ship carries roughly 200,000 containers of cargo per year. A containership can transport a maximum of 8,000 containers of goods in a single trip.

It would be necessary to use hundreds of freight aircraft, miles of rail cars, and many trucks to transport the equivalent amount of goods. Ocean shipping is the industrial mode of transportation that is most carbon-efficient and emits less grams of exhaust gas per ton of cargo than shipments by rail, air, or road transport.

98% of the 33 million containers in use worldwide are recyclable.