Cargokeeper - FLeX

Modular & flexible device that holds on any metal surfaces to fit any situations

The CargoKeeper - FleX is a multipurpose flexible security and monitoring device. FleX uses Global GSM & GPS to track cargo location and integrity with pinpoint accuracy. It can be bend up to a 90 degrees angle to hold on any metal surface like semi-trailers, delivery trucks, RoRo and more. The Flex is equipped with a safety cable that can be attached to locking bars for maximum security.

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Flexible Magnetic Mounting System & Security Cable
Ideal for Specialty Cargo, Trailer with Pull-up doors, RoRo and many others
Continuous Automated Cargo Monitoring
Detect Supply Chain Anomalies in Real-Time
Programmable Tracking & Reporting Made Easy
Ping Cargo Over-The-Air & Receive Email and SMS Alert Notifications
Worldwide Cellular GSM & GPS Access
Always Know the Location of your Assets & Increase Theft/Lost Prevention
Movement & Shock Detection
Understand Container Mishandling to Substantiate Claims
Cargo Departure/Arrival & Movement Notification
Optimize Deliveries & Improve Payment Procedures
Online Web Platform
Anytime Anywhere Control Access with Exportable Data for Analysis
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Download the technical specifications (PDF)

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