Cargokeeper - Covert

The first and only fully covert container tracking and monitoring device

CargoKeeper - Covert is an innovative technology designed for Intermodal Container Shipping. It is easily mounted using magnets and fits in the door seam such that it will become an integrated part of the container door. The CargoKeeper can be installed at any stage of the shipping process.

This makes the CargoKeeper highly resistant to jamming and tampering and does not attract unwanted attention since there is no visible external component making it impossible to know the device is in place without first opening the container doors.

The construction is simple, resulting in a small, robust device with a low component count made to last.

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Covert Device with No Visible Component
Tamper & Jammers Resistant to avoid Unwanted Attention and Maintain Better Security
Continuous Automated Cargo Monitoring
Detect Supply Chain Anomalies in Real-Time
Programmable Tracking & Reporting Made Easy
Ping Cargo Over-The-Air & Receive Email and SMS Alert Notifications
Worldwide Cellular GSM & GPS Access
Always Know the Location of your Assets & improve Theft/Lost Prevention
Movement & Shock Detection
Understand Container Mishandling to Substantiate Claims
Cargo Departure/Arrival & Movement Notification
Optimize Deliveries with Geo-fencing & Improve Payment Procedures
Online Web Platform
Anytime Anywhere Control Access with Exportable Data for Analysis

View the technical specifications

Download the technical specifications (PDF)

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