CargoKeeper is a new line of wireless solutions for the monitoring and tracking of intermodal shipping containers using leading edge communications and sensing systems.

Gain Control of your Cargo

CargoKeeper is offered in 3 models to suit all freight transport monitoring and tracking needs in order to optimize efficiency bring better control of your assets in transit and improve your overall cargo management process.

Global GSM & GPS

CargoKeeperTM uses global GSM & GPS to track & monitor cargo location and integrity with pinpoint accuracy anywhere anytime for better control, efficiency and management of your assets.

OTA programmable device

CargoKeeper is an over-the-air (OTA) programmable device with multiple sensors to verify the status of the cargo, including both doors, interior conditions and access the controller unit of reefer containers (reefer model only).

This is accomplished while tracking the path of the container and logging events such as temperature, vibration, humidity, light, etc. If a breach occurs, the GIS coordinates are stored and transmitted by email or SMS to the owner.

The data collected by the CargoKeeper devices can be accessed and analyzed from anywhere anytime with the SaaS iCargo Web application.